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I am a figurative painter, living in a material world, and I am a material girl.

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Happy Easter all y’all! 

Look mom, I’m a sculptor!!! 

Sketch of the week!Lol wut

Sketch of the week!
Lol wut

Coming soon: Bombay Sapphire

"Do you have any tips for someone wanting to apply for ECA?" With love, Anonymous.

According to my experience, the mini portfolio submission is the most important thing to think through. At this stage you don’t need to have a perfect technique - what the selectors want to see is potential and creativity.

Your full portfolio is documenting what you have done in the past, as well as show how you select and cultivate your ideas through sketches, photos, models etc. - what ever happens to be relevant to your practice. 

Carefully think why you wish to apply and what is the right department for you. But don’t worry, if you start out in painting and after a while decide you prefer animation, it is relatively easy to switch departments. First year is more general anyway, almost like a foundation course and from second year onward, you will be working in your own studio space. 

All and all, the BA course is a good mix of conceptual and practical studies. If possible, attend the open day/days to see the studios, visit different departments, not just the one you wish to apply, chat to the students, staff etc. Our degree show is open to the public between 24th of May and 1st of June. 

Good luck! 


IRN BRU(2014)oil on canvas(20x27cm) 

oil on canvas

Sketch of the week!Spring time is here. 

Sketch of the week!

Spring time is here. 

Untitled(2014)oil on canvas(20x27cm)

oil on canvas

North State exhibition by Tiina Lilja

Making of the North State exhibition. Come and see the show on Thursday, 3rd of April, in Tent Gallery, Edinburgh College of Art.


Sketch of the week!I love order. 

Sketch of the week!

I love order.